Mindflex: Presidential puzzlers

Do you consider yourself a history buff with a knack for presidential particulars? Put your political prowess to the test and see if you can distinguish fact from folklore in our presidential quiz.

1. Which president had the most children? 

A. James Madison 

B. John Adams 

C. John Tyler 

2. Who was the first president to send an email while in office? 

A. George H. Bush 

B. Bill Clinton 

C. George W. Bush 

3. Who was the first president born as a US citizen? 

A. Martin Van Buren 

B. William Henry Harrison 

C. George Washington 

4. Who was the only president who never married? 

A. Franklin Pierce 

B. James Buchanan 

C. Millard Fillmore 

5. Who was the shortest president? 

A. Abraham Lincoln 

B. Thomas Jefferson 

C. James Madison 

6. Who was the tallest president? 

A. Barack Obama 

B. Abraham Lincoln 

C. Joe Biden 

7. Which president was formerly a peanut farmer? 

A. Abraham Lincoln 

B. Harry Truman 

C. Jimmy Carter 

8. Which president officially named the White House during his time in office? 

A. Theodore Roosevelt 

B. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 

C. Martin Van Buren 

9. Which president exchanged over 1,100 love letters with his wife during their marriage? 

A. George Washington 

B. John Adams 

C. Gerald Ford 

10. Who was the youngest president to take office? 

A. Theodore Roosevelt 

B. John F. Kennedy 

C. Bill Clinton 

11. Who was the first president to appear on Saturday Night Live? 

A. Bill Clinton 

B. Barack Obama 

C. Gerald Ford


1-C John Tyler had 15 children. 2-B Bill Clinton was the first commander-in-chief to send an email (1994). 3-A Martin Van Buren was the eighth president but the first born as an American, as all previous presidents were originally British subjects. 4-B James Buchanan remained a bachelor his entire life. 5-C James Madison was 5’4” tall and weighed just over 100 pounds. 6-B Abraham Lincoln was 6’4” tall. 7-C Jimmy Carter grew up on a farm that grew peanuts for salted nuts and candy bars. 8-A Theodore Roosevelt signed an executive order that named the White House in 1901. 9-B John Adams and Abigail Adams kept their letters in leather binders so they could be preserved. 10-A Theodore Roosevelt became president at age 42, after William McKinley’s assassination. 11-C Gerald Ford appeared on SNL on April 17, 1976, delivering the signature “Live from New York” exclamation.

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